Trump - The triumph of an image

Against all odds and defecting the predictions of all political pundits, Donald Trump has  been elected as the 45th president of the United States of America.

Now far from the madding crowd and the turmoil of Washington D.C and the streets of Manhattan, it would be interesting to analyse the reasons of the victory of Donald Trump or the defeat of Hillary Clinton.

Having never held any official post or duty and without even being a politician, Trump has made history by winning against one of the most experienced politicians in the USA. Analysing facts and figures we can come to the following conclusion:


  1. White men have massively supported Trump - 63% of all white male votes. Maybe males Americans are not ready to be governed by a female president as yet.   
  2. The rural and dischanted electors have massively supported Trump.
  3. Being the host of a reality show, Trump has carefully cultivated his image and despite his racist and provocative remarks, he has remained more accessible and closer to the population mass.
  4. He has spoken a language that people wanted to hear. Creating jobs, new prosperity, making America great again, stopping immigrants and adopting a chauvinistic approach in trade and commerce.
  5. He has spoken on globalisation as an evil for the USA and promised to secure better agreements for the USA.
  6. He has capitalised on the fear for muslims
  7. The fact that H.Clinton may be described as a cold and distant person has playedin favour of D.Trump.
  8. After eight years of Democratic party presidency, it was time for a change.


There was shift in the paradigm of the American voters, wanting to sanction the establishment, seeing same politicians - The  Bush, Clinton, Kennedys as a dynasty.

Now comes the challenges. Has Donald Trump overpromised things, which he will never be able to deliver?


  1. Will he build the wall at the Mexican border and ask Mexiico to pay for it ?
  2. Will he ask for the Euripean countries to pay the USA for the troops stationed in Europe?
  3. Will he repel all trade agreements and lok for new deals?     


Only future will tell. With Trump everything is unpredictable, as was his victory in the presidential elections.