Working to feed

In any normal society, people of all walks of life have to work to feed themselves and their families.  There is nothing more normal than that.  What about our society? 



Even here, it is the same story except that there is an addition to the rule.  Over and above working to feed ourselves and our families, we also have to toil hard to feed some corrupted and unscrupulous politicians. 



SShh it’s our time to eat!  I recently got to read one article bearing that heading.  At a first glance I already knew what it was going to talk about.   I guessed it right.  It elaborated on the hefty appetite of our politicians forming the actual government.  In deed they are hungry.  They have been starving for the last one decade or so.  It is comprehensible.   Worst! Not only have they to feed themselves, they also have to take care of all the people forming their circle as well. 



Mauritians are kind enough to serve them with oodles of money through the MRA.  Even if the national budget gets depleted, there will always be us, ‘les communs des mortels’, who will continue to shed our sweat and toil hard to continue this outrageous nutrition.

This has been going on since years ever since our independence.   There has always been some rotten eggs in the basket.  What if the whole basket itself is rotten?  Under the Lepep government reign, I am finding it hard to quench their hunger.  They are eating so much that I sometimes wonder how to cope with this sudden drastic increase in appetite. 



Blue eyed lawyer, lucrative per diems, pigeon ministers, chairmen, dodgy smart city projects, injection of public money in BAI are only a few of this government ill doings without mentioning the everyday broil among ministers.  The government has these days become an arena where each MP has rallied to the cause of one group or another.



If the country were progressing, the institutions within the country were performing well, the road networks and transport system were improving amongst others, I would not have mind at all playing this game of working and feeding.  But if I do not find things moving for the better and nothing being done to allow increasemy production capacity, then I fear that some mouths will remain unfed.  Let aside feeding them, I am not even able to feed myself these days. 



Under the previous regime, I was progressing and I was able to contribute partly andhappily to their hunger till.  Now alas, I am finding myself in deep trouble.

So please LEPEP government, either control your appetite or start working towards increasing our production capacity because if you do not plant or rear, I can’t see how we, ‘common Mauritian people’ will cope with your hunger.  I understand that most, if not all, of you are one term MPs and that you must eat like bears and then hibernate for many more decades to come but please do understand our situation also.



Many people voted for you in the previous elections thinking that their contribution to the ‘hunger till’ will decrease.  But they got it all wrong!  Now time is for regrets and they are impatiently waiting for the next elections to oust you out of power and give themselves a breather.  The sooner the better!


 The young observer